But Now, Oh God, Strengthen My Hands

This week may have been challenging for you – whether it was the deep shock of sunlight on Wednesday, the juggling of childcare, grief over loss, struggle of sickness or difficulties at work. How do we respond to challenges? Should we pray for the challenges to be taken from us?  Should we try to avoid […]

Lent Prayer – 24-7

For 5 weeks at 5 different locations in the run up to Easter starting on the 1st of March, we will be meeting to pray 24-7, night and day. This is an exciting opportunity for us to pray together as a community to spend time with God and see what new things he has in store […]

Buildings That Last

What a joy it has been to be in Aberdeen this past week, working with students and local churches and the Christian Union.  Those of you who follow me on twitter or Instagram (@missionalfrog) or on Facebook will have seen lots of giant glittery red question marks.  We have been asking people what they think […]

8 Seconds of Static

8 seconds of static recently became Number One When Taylor Swift was releasing her new album (1989) on iTunes in Canada in 2014, a song titled Track 3 was uploaded, but it was a mistake – all the track contained was 7 or 8 seconds of static.  It was taken down, but not before it […]