Can these bones live?

  (Stampwell farm 2011) One day Ezekiel the prophet had a moment with God where he was taken out to see a valley.  When asked he replied it was filled with dry bones- acres of the remnants of previous armies and the wreck of a generation of defeat. A bleak, depressing and faintly horrifying sight that […]

Logos (Gk) or Logos (plural)

Amazing how the same word can have two completely different meanings. There’s been so much about Greece in the press this week – I though – yes – lets go there! Logos – either the plural of ‘logo’ or ‘logos’ – meaning ‘word’ in greek. In 1 John 1, the apostle starts to speak of […]

Seasonal delight in God’s word

It has been a blisteringly hot week, and Stampwell farm has been used so much – some very amusing moments as the animals have tried to find some shelter from the heat – chickens and bantams strolling in and out, Donkeys popping their heads in through car windows, and several external events which have made […]