The Glue of the Spirit

Dear Minster and friends, When I was about 10 years old I was a member of my school ‘modelling club’. I know many of you, used to our Instagram age, might imagine that this would have involved extensive photoshoots – but it was for model airplanes and tanks! We would have Airfix models made of […]

Let’s DO Life!!

Dear Minster and friends, Are you in danger of getting bored, listless and depressed because of the lack of challenge and adventure in your life? When you consider your life 3 years or 30 years from now, is there a sense of caution or excitement? Sometimes we can be bamboozled into thinking that the Christian […]

Happy Birthday!

Dear Minster and friends, HAPPY BIRTHDAY your Majesty! How incredible to have reached 90 years old, and to have been in the public eye for so long, serving faithfully all that time. Together with many in this country and across the commonwealth, we at Latimer Minster are throwing a party – bunting and tea included […]