Now is the time…

Dear Friends, The last few years have been such an adventure, both for Latimer Minster, and for Stampwell Farm.  A new church congregation with a mission call and a farm on its way to restoration.  Over the last 4 1/2 years we have secured the farm with gates and fences, cleared the site of all […]

Truth Really Matters!

Dear Friends, Last sunday we began a new series exploring the book of 1 John. One of the major themes within the book of 1 John centres around truth and what it means to live in light of the truth about Jesus. We all crave truth whether we acknowledge it or not.  We all want […]

Looking in All the Right Places

Dear Minster and Friends; What are you looking for?  Its an interesting question – maybe what you would now expect to hear from Siri, or one of the other automated personal assistants.  Maybe it is what you would expect to hear from a shop assistant as you wander around confused in the canned goods aisle […]