Enquire of the Lord

Dear Minster and Friends, “David enquired of the Lord…” 2 Sam 5:19, 23 King David often faced many difficult situations – whether they were to do with his relationship with King Saul, his family or invading armies. The scriptures record two incidents only a few verses apart when David and his men were facing invading Philistine armies. Before […]

Leadership in a Tangled Culture

Dear Minster and Friends, Last year the New Yorker magazine made the sweeping statement that ‘the United Kingdom is suffering a gaping leadership vacuum at a time when the nation’s very future is at stake. The current generation of political leaders is the weakest the country has seen in decades.’ (June 30th 2016). This view from the outside […]

A Light Has Dawned

Dear Minster and Friends, As the clocks changed last Sunday it seemed like all of a sudden coldness and darkness descended upon us. As someone who grew up in what was affectionately known as the “Sunny State” in Australia the seasons, as we experience them in the UK, both captivate and challenge me. There is […]