Big Tent

Dear Minster and Friends, By now most of us will be aware of the passing into glory of the great preacher, Billy Graham. Billy Graham began his more prominent ministry, not in a towering institution, but in a tent – known as the canvas cathedral, where he shared the gospel day after day in Los Angeles in […]

A little; often; over a long time

Dear Minster and Friends, Recently I have been reading the book ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ for my book club. It is the story of a girl named Francie, living with poverty at the beginning of the 20th century. In the story, Francie’s mother seeks the advice from her mother when she first gives birth to Francie, she wonders […]

Standing Between Two Worlds

Dear Minster and Friends, The masterful church leader and preacher, John Stott, said that the role of preachers was to stand between two worlds: ‘A true sermon bridges the gulf between the biblical and the modern worlds, and must be equally earthed in both.’ (J Stott) But this bridge role applies to all Christians, and not to […]