Racing Through Life

  Dear Minster and Friends, Please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Chris Lion, and I’ve recently been appointed Associate Vicar here. I have a wonderful wife, Charlotte, and four amazing children: Judah, Liberty, Miriam and Nathan. This week I had the privilege of going on a ‘supercar driving day’; it was a leaving present […]

Sweet Like Honey

  Dear Minster and friends; There is a world of difference between ‘being near someone’ and ‘having someone speak to you’. Once, when my 13 year old twins were incredibly young, perhaps 8 weeks old, we were invited to a private view of an art exhibition. We arrived mid-afternoon – and who was there – but […]

New Term

  Dear Minster and friends; This week the new academic year begins, and scrubbed up children are heading into school and teachers are getting haircuts. And for Latimer Minster, the term is also beginning. This Sunday the children and young people are moving up groups, and most of our activities will also be starting. I […]