Friend, Guide and Counsellor

Dear Minster and Friends, “When He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13) In the recent wartime film ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ one of the heroines, Elizabeth, leaves her daughter momentarily with a friend, uncomfortable with the responsibility the friend asks – but why me?  […]


Dear Minster and Friends, For some people reading this email ‘Friends’ is the name of a long running American Sitcom (236 episodes!) which ran for ten seasons from 1994- 2004, which explored a new urban reality of family being forged through friendships, rather than the nuclear home. The three men and three women overacted their […]

Coming Home…?

Dear Minster and Friends, As the heat of this last few weeks continues to bake the ground and roast the population, and as football fever and high hopes gripped us… a song rose that gave voice to those hopes… ‘it’s coming home…’ Since Jesus first told a wonderful story of the prodigal coming home, he […]

Can These Bones Live?

Dear Minster and Friends, The prophet Ezekiel was once confronted with an unusual sight and God asked him a question: Can these bones live? The sight was a valley filled with bones: “The hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in […]

Pray & Sing Songs of Praise

Dear Minster and Friends, I hope you are enjoying the combination of the long summer evenings, a heatwave and lots of football. The next few days there is plenty going on: This Saturday – our Minster Makeover (9:30m – 3pm) do come join us if you can, for some time getting stuck in to help prepare […]

Cherry Picking

Dear Minster and Friends, The summer continues! It should be a scorcher this weekend at Latimer Minster, almost certainly we will have the side flaps down for a wonderful celebration together, which will have the great groups for all the children as well as the dedication of Leo Jackson in the earlier part of the […]

Who Holds Tomorrow

Dear Minster and Friends, I write this on the anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster, which I mentioned last week. I have been in contact with our friends during the last week who live, work and minister on the ground in that community, and they thank us for our prayers and support. Many of them are […]

The Danger of Forgetting Fires

Dear Minster and Friends, A year ago, a devastating fire ripped through a building and a community in West London and now certain reports are coming to light, explaining and describing the contributing factors, the accident itself and the resulting tragedy. The aim of the Grenfell enquiries is to properly track what occurred, seek justice and to learn whatever lessons […]

May You Flourish

Dear Minster and Friends, “May the Lord cause you to flourish, both you and your children” – Psalm 115:14 I recently found out there is German word for ‘making something worse whilst trying to make it better’ – Verschlimmbesserung – that doesn’t have a good English equivalent. I have been hunting around for a good compound word […]

Everything Is Beautiful In Its Time

Dear Minster and Friends, I do hope you are enjoying the weather and the blossoms over the last few days – for those of us who get to come to worship God on a fruit farm each week, or to come in during the week for walks and prayer, ministries like Communion on a Wednesday, Minster […]