Building towards a more fruitful future

Dear Minster and Friends,

Last Sunday I shared a few passages and a parable which I felt were going to be important as we journey together as a church. I spoke about the original vision of a Minster Church, to be a resourcing hub and community for mission, to have a place which could enable that, and to build towards a more fruitful future.

The parable was that of the delicate and important grafting process which goes on in every fruit tree, from the root stock and then grafting in fruitful branches. I suggested the church in this country is a church which is planted with a root stock which was a hybrid of Celtic and Roman Christianity. The Celts were those who first evangelised Britain from the wild coastlands, and the Romans, with figures such as Augustine of Canterbury who formed alliances with Kings. Some were more missionary, others were more settled, but together they formed a unique concept – Minsters which allowed the best of both to live together. My hope and dream is that we would be able to retain the best of both and like a great fruit tree, allow everything to flourish and ‘bear much fruit’. Grafting is a delicate process but it is really worth it.

I asked if over the coming weeks, as a congregation, you would be able to read Genesis 28:10-22  (which is a bit Celtic) and Exodus 23: 20-33 (which is a little bit Roman), and if you feel like the Lord is speaking to you, then please email your thoughts back to  

I would love us to keep remembering that we need to meet with God, like Jacob did, but also that some delays or frustrations are there because God is saving us from other troubles we had not considered. Though we have been let down again by the council with a date for the planning decision on our barn-style church building, we will not be discouraged or diverted.  We will be forming clearer leadership structures over the next few months, (from January to June) as well as giving a financial update and answering some questions next week in a written form to all those who give regularly.

And coming up on Saturday – a wonderful training event and launch event helping  us in evangelism, by Becky Pippert – details below.  Please do book and come along.

With love


News & Events

Our new website is live!
Check it out here

Frog mentioned briefly on Sunday about the violence that erupted in Jos and the response from the congregation was ‘what can we do to help?’
Click here for a video of Hassan talking about the current situation in Jos and how we can help.
We have worked out the rough costs for each of the items needed and have found;

A new generator would cost between £850 – £1000
Repair of the tent would cost roughly £200
A football kit for one team would cost roughly £75 – £100 (we are looking hopefully providing 5 teams in total with a new kit)
Worship equipment – this would be as much as possible needed and any excess of donations will go towards worship equipment.

If you’d like to donate money to Hassan and Trinity Minster then please use our bank details with the reference ‘Trinity Minster‘ Account Number: 33007162 Sort Code: 20-45-45

6th October – rethink Launch Day
9am – 12:30pm at Colston Hall, 8 East Common, Gerrards Cross, SL9 7AD. 

This will be a fun and interactive morning geared to train, encourage, equip and inspire one another to reach our friends and colleagues for Jesus as we look forward to Rethink in November. If you would like to attend this day please book here

31st October – Light Party
6pm – 7:30pm

We will be holding our very own Light Party!
The idea of a light party is to offer children an alternative to halloween and a way for us to teach children that Jesus is the light of the world. We’ll be having party food, games, crafts and lots of fun together.
Please book you tickets here by 21st October so we know how many children to cater for.

3rd November – Bonfire Celebration
4:30pm – 6:30pm

Remember, remember the 3rd of November!
Join us for hot dogs, hot chocolate, sparklers, a bonfire and of course fireworks!
All are welcome to this free event.