Advent Devotional


15 Dec Bible reading: Luke 1:5–20 During this Advent season we are exploring the unfolding purposes of God within time. As we come into the New Testament (literally New Covenant) we see that ‘the fullness of time’ has come. The new is now here. We have seen individuals being prepared for the coming of the […]

O Little Town

14 Dec Bible reading: Micah 5:2–4 There are few things as harmful to a relationship as a string of empty promises never fulfilled. But we see from today’s reading that God doesn’t believe in empty promises. The prophet Micah had received a prophecy of hope against the backdrop of humiliation. Micah was writing in the […]

Son of Man

13 Dec Bible reading: Daniel 7:13–14 Are you the kind of person who asks a lot of questions? It is apparently a sign of great intelligence to ask the right questions. There is a well-known anecdote of an unnamed rabbi who always asked questions. And he often responded to questions with a question of his […]

Bruised Reeds

12 Dec Bible reading: Isaiah 42:1–9 One of the unique features of the Messiah in this first Servant Song of Isaiah is the gentle and peaceful manner in which He goes about His task of restoration. In a world in which violence and aggression rule the roost, where earthly conquerors proclaimed their victory over the […]

Amazing Dreams

11 Dec Bible reading: Isaiah 11:1–10 I sometimes feel for Isaiah. He was called to be a prophet before all the exciting aspects of the ‘good news’ had been fully revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. So, like many prophets of the Old Testament, he begins on what might sound like a […]

Night Light

10 Dec Bible reading: Isaiah 9:1–7 Today’s reading is a familiar Advent piece. The promise arises in the ‘gloom’ and ‘distress’ so familiar to ‘the people walking in darkness’. The messianic prophecy begins with a promise that Galilee will feature heavily in the light filled redemptive purposes of God. Such geographically accurate prophecy written hundreds […]

Physical Proof

9 Dec Bible readings: Matthew 22:41–45; Psalm 110:1 Do you sometimes wish that instead of remembering the coming of Christ into the world we could point to the physical, material Person today and say to people, ‘Look, here is Jesus’? We may feel that if only we had that physical proof, everyone would believe. Somehow […]

Promised Poetry

8 Dec Bible reading: Psalm 2:1–12 A series of prophecies about the coming of Christ as the ‘Messiah’ (Anointed One) arise during the reign of King David over Israel. In these prophecies the kingly and godlike qualities of the coming Christ are revealed. The Lord promises David through the lips of a prophet called Nathan […]


6 Dec Bible reading: Ruth 1:19–2:13 ‘In the days when the Judges ruled’ (Ruth 1:1) refers to an era of unprecedented challenge to faith in the one true God. Israel had come through years of upheaval, from slavery in Egypt to the Exodus, wandering in the wilderness to the conquest of the land. And now […]