Strangers in foreign lands

Strangers in the land. Dear Minster and Friends We are all living in strange times, in situations which are unnerving and unfamiliar. The Old King James Bible translates this word, used of Abraham in Hebrews 11-  as a ‘sojourner’ – someone who is living temporarily in a place. The father of faith was described in […]

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing. Studies in Esther

This Week – further studies in the Book of Esther. This is the third in a four part series on the Book of Esther – with a sermon from Amy Orr-Ewing, followed by a bible study using the Discovery Bible Study method: The study will have three parts to it First of all – read […]

Songs and Prayers from the Threshing Floor

Studies in the Book of Esther Over the next 4 weeks, we will be posting studies in the Book of Esther from Amy. The study will have three parts to it First of all – read the Chapter in the Bible. Then – Watch the video. Finally – using the Bibles Study resource with Discover […]

Daniel: Being a stand up person in a bow down world (week 10)

Daniel: who’s who in the zoo? Daniel 7:1-28 Daniel 7 commences now the vision portions of the book of Daniel.  From a chronological perspective this vision ought to be placed before Daniel 5 as it occurs 10 years prior to Belshazzar’s fateful feast. But Daniel chooses to organise his book with these particular visions together because […]