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Dr Amy Orr-Ewing. Studies in Esther

This Week – further studies in the Book of Esther. This is the third in a four part series on the Book of Esther – with a sermon from Amy Orr-Ewing, followed by a bible study using the Discovery Bible Study method: The study will have three parts to it First of all – read […]

Connecting online

Dear Minster and Friends, We hope you have had a good week, and that you have been able to sense the presence of God with you, even as we face many challenges at this time. As per last week’s email, this email is purely for information, rather than having devotional content, as we’re already putting […]

Weekly Digest

Dear Minster and friends I hope you are doing ok, in this very unusual time. As things are being shaken up in all sorts of ways, there are both great challenges and great opportunities. My prayer is that we are able to seek first the Kingdom of God in this, and to allow Him to […]

Songs and Prayers from the Threshing Floor

Studies in the Book of Esther Over the next 4 weeks, we will be posting studies in the Book of Esther from Amy. The study will have three parts to it First of all – read the Chapter in the Bible. Then – Watch the video. Finally – using the Bibles Study resource with Discover […]

Fear, Faith and Hope

Dear Minster and Friends, There is a lot of fear around at the moment. The coronavirus is the subject of much fear in our society; but even before and beyond that, it seems we live in a world that is often fearful. Fear, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily a problem. It can lead us […]

Are you ready?

  Dear Minster and Friends, Scripture tells us that God is a good Father, who loves to give good gifts to His children. And yet, often, it feels like we ask for gifts from God, but don’t receive them. So what’s going on? Judah, my son, would love to be given the keys to my […]


Dear Minster and Friends, Things look different from a distance. I’m sure you can think of some examples; one for me is the way that the world looks so different when viewed from an aeroplane window. Everything looks like it’s in miniature; and things seems to move much more slowly. Metaphorically-speaking, it’s not dissimilar with […]

Refuge from the Storm

  Dear Minster and friends, “Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.” Psalm 2:12 A refuge. On the mountains in the alps, as a shelter from the storm, as a hiding place in times of war. This is what the word ‘refuge’ denotes. There is a certain blessing in knowing where to go when circumstances […]

Workmanship, Craftsmanship, Masterpiece

  Dear Minster and friends, Some verses of scripture are so full of meaning that we need to come around them again and again, perhaps like your favourite view, that looks incredible any time of year and from any angle. You never get tired of it and it always brings you something new. For me, one […]