We value fruitfulness at the Minster and as such we love to create time and space for us to grow in our experience of Life.  Courses are a great way to set aside intentional time to do this.  This year we have focused our courses around the following:


The Alpha Course 

The core sessions run over 5 weeks and explore the questions of life, who Jesus is, why he had to die, and what Christianity is all about.  It is run in a laid back environment, over food, asking questions and having conversations.

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Love that Lasts

Love that Lasts is a series of marriage seminars that run on Saturday mornings and explore different topics that are important elements to maintaining our marriages.  In the past we have explored topics like resolving conflict, communicating, maintaining intimacy.

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Minster School of Discipleship

The Minster School of discipleship runs over 5 months and is a course that involves the teaching of the core foundational truths for what it means to follow Jesus.  We also encourage accountability as a part of this course.

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