Pray Today: Day 12, We want Quail!

Read & Consider

Read  Numbers 11: 4-6


Supernatural and miraculous provision on the journey to Sinai had seen ‘food and drink… basic essentials’ that had not only been provided by God but were free of charge. Manna “the bread from heaven” was provided every day. It was a reminder and a test whether the people would walk in God’s promises. On the surface the protest here is merely about the monotony of the diet, however underlying is a yearning for the pleasures of Egypt that were previously available, and a rejection of God’s plans.

In our current season some things we take for granted (including food) are no longer available because of restrictions. Suddenly we don’t have what we are expecting.  This can become our focus of attention and may lead our thoughts away to protesting that we don’t have enough. But do you pray to have enough “Manna” for today?  Jesus said “I am the bread that came down from Heaven” (John 6:41).


Over to you

Pray for

  • Jesus to show us by personal revelation that He can provide for our daily essentials
  • Friends and family who don’t know that “Jesus is the bread of life”
  • Government and world leaders for timely wisdom on how to respond to lift restrictions


Given current circumstances, what would God be saying to the church today?


How do you respond to God’s supernatural and miraculous provision happening today?

Optional extra Family activity

Each person to find 5 (food and drink) that you would take with you as “basic essentials” for going on a journey. Discuss with each other why you have chosen your items.


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Rod


Response & Feedback

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