Pray Today: Day 13, Grumbling

Read & Consider

Read  Numbers 12: 1-3, 10-11 


What is it that is gnawing away inside of me, constricting me like an inner wriggling boa? Why this dis-ease? I was simply expressing an opinion to another brother.  Yes, I know ‘he’s’ also a brother, a family member, a friend, a humble, wise and gentle soul.  Yes, I know it is not my business, but we’re all entitled to our opinions – aren’t we?  It’s what we do; we put the world to rights and everyone in it.  “What God?  What plank in my eye?”  My accuser is my conscience.  I walk into the room and there is my brother.  He smiles.  I am deformed by my guilt.  Why does the atmosphere, like a curtain,  hang so heavy like a cursed darkness?  I am condemned from a stage of resentment, a loud oratory whose applause is a separation from my God and my loved ones.  Consequences – yes, there are always some.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Forgiveness for any wrong words spoken, resentful attitudes spoken or shown by you
  • Forgiveness for any wrong words spoken, resentful attitudes spoken or shown to you
  • For the unity of the Church and for hearts that support those leading us through a time of transition


How can you become a solution when there is conflict?  Do you need someone to pray with you?


Memorise James Ch 3:10

Optional extra Family activity

Have a family ‘grumbling’ jar for one week.  Make yourselves accountable to one another and each time you are caught out grumbling, complaining or back-biting, deposit an agreed amount in the jar.  At the end of the week, do something kind and buy a neighbour a gift!


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Barbara


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