Pray Today: Day 16, Disobedience and Consequences

Read & Consider

Read  Numbers 14.41-44


God had been faithful and rescued the Israelites from Egypt but they were impatient and wanted to continue with their journey, even though Moses warned them “Do not go up because the Lord is not with you.” (Num 14.42).

I don’t know about you, but the thought of going somewhere knowing God wouldn’t be with me would absolutely terrify me! Yet I know we are all guilty of being impatient at times, wanting situations to change sooner than God has planned and have made an active decision to change the situation ourselves.

However, we can live in assurance that, because Jesus died on the cross for us, we are able to have a relationship with God and He is ALWAYS with us, even when we disobey Him.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Giving thanks to Jesus for dying on the cross for YOU to have a relationship with God
  • Guidance from God as you make decisions in life and for peace and patience in the waiting
  • Us as a church to be more active in prayer before making any decisions, particularly the leaders and MLT


What things in life do you find yourself becoming impatient about and wanting to move a situation on ‘without God’?


Try being active with praying and consulting God with any decision-making.

Optional extra Family activity

Play ‘Simon Says’ as a family and think of how; in the game you shouldn’t move until the person says ‘Simon Says’; in the same way we should always pray before we ‘move’ in a situation.


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Rebecca


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