Pray Today: Day 17, The Bronze Snake

Read & Consider

Read  Numbers 21: 7-8


Thanks to Jesus dying on the cross, we do not need to go through a third party to approach God; we can go directly to Jesus and ask for forgiveness and receive assurance that we are heard and that God will act on our behalf and show us how to proceed. What challenges are you facing today that you can bring to Jesus?

I wonder how long the people suffered before they connected being bitten with their own wrong-doing. Sometimes like them, it takes a difficult situation to get us to turn to God and ask for help.  If we delay too long we can suffer for longer than necessary, delaying the help and blessing that comes from God when we turn to him and receive his forgiveness. Do you need forgiveness or help today?

The people’s prayers were answered but not in the way that they hoped.  They prayed to God “take the snakes away” but God chose a different way of doing things. Are you prepared to completely yield the outcome of your prayer petitions to God?


Over to you

Pray for

  • Pray for any challenges you are facing today, ask for forgiveness or help and surrender the ‘how’ to God
  • Pray for anyone you know today who is struggling or feeling hopeless or disappointed
  • Pray for anyone that doesn’t yet know Jesus to come into an assurance of his saving grace


How can you help our church with the challenges it is facing today?


Commit to pray for a specific area of ministry today and/or look into serving in that area.

Optional extra Family activity

Craft your own snake on a pole or draw a picture of one. Put it somewhere where you will notice it regularly this week and every time you see it, give thanks to Jesus, confess anything you need to, or just use it as reminder to lift your eyes up to Jesus and pray for someone who is facing challenges right now.


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Melanie


Response & Feedback

If you feel God spoke to you or gave you a verse, picture or thought that is for us as a church family, we would love to hear from you.

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