Pray Today: Day 18, Israel At Sinai

Read & Consider

Read  Exodus 19: 5-6


A journey should lead to a startling discovery, and this is no exception. When the Lord calls Israel a kingdom of priests and a holy nation he is not referring exclusively to the role they will fill as priests, but what Israel’s set apart life is to represent among the nations. This gave birth today to what would shape nations in their tomorrows. The good news is that we inherit the privileges of Israel as Gentile believers, known as ‘the priesthood of all believers’ (1 Peter 2:5,9).   I’m not talking about becoming a priest in the church but as a participant of the ‘Kingdom’. Are we not asked to “Seek first the Kingdom and his righteousness?” If we are in the king’s domain we inherit royal privileges, identity, purpose, destiny, and unlimited resources. You are royalty!  That’s what you were born for, to be prince and princess, and to reign in life. Rule with the heart of a servant: serve with the heart of a king.


Over to you

Pray for

  • God’s Kingdom to come on earth as in heaven
  • For God to lead you on a path of discovery of what the ‘Kingdom’ really is
  • A greater awareness of the Holy Spirit and God’s Presence upon you and your family


Are we Church first or Kingdom first in our thinking and practice?


Spend time on your journey writing down how you would “seek first the kingdom”?

Optional extra Family activity

Each person to dress up as a prince or princess. Talk about how this makes you feel: do you feel special?


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Rod


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