Pray Today: Day 19, The Ten Commandments

Read & Consider

Read  Exodus 20:18-20


Moses brought the Ten Commandments to the people and God’s presence provided a solemn accompaniment but all the people saw was a shaking: thunderings, lightning flashes, trumpet blasts and a smoking mountain. They shook with fear. They pulled back. They stood at a distance. Their reaction?  Get the leader to speak with God.  They did not dare to speak direct with God themselves and we find out why in Moses’ response: Moses tells them not to fear, as ever, but also that this shaking had come to test (prove them) so that deep reverence of God may be before them and so that they may not sin.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Forgive me for being vague and careless in my request for your presence.  Help me to welcome you with reverence
  • Forgive me for leaving significant responses to God’s word to church leaders.  Help me respond openly to you, my great High Priest
  • I want to seek and receive your word, Dear Lord and to accept it and obey with gladness and trust
  • As you shake the world in security of health and economic situations, please also shake the world to respond to your good news.  We pray for many to turn to you and we thank you for increased seeking.  We pray for your trumpet blasts of salvation for millions during this time for we know this is your will.  We also pray that during this shaking you will extend mercy and deliverance to those who are in such vulnerable situations in our nation and worldwide.


  1. What do you expect when you ask for God’s presence to come down?
  2. What causes you to be fearful of God’s presence?
  3. Which parts of our shared life are you praying directly to God about – which do you leave to church leaders?
  4. How are you responding to God’s shaking during this covid19?
  5. How much is sin preventing relationship with God and acceptance of his word?


Read Hebrews 10:19-25.  How does our salvation in Jesus really change everything for us according to this passage?

Optional extra Family activity

Get creative: build a mountain from junk. Special effects: trumpet blasts, thunderings, lightning flashes, shaking. Now let’s get those 10 Commandments written out on tablets of stone (cardboard will do).  Where’s your toy soldiers and Lego people?  Set them all up.  Knock them down in fear.  Stop! What’s happening?  Talk about God coming to us with his word and how we respond.  Time for an honest family discussion. You may like to consider how good the commandments were as well.


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by John & Sue


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