Pray Today: Day 2, The Call of Moses

Read & Consider

Read  Exodus 3: 7 – 12


In these verses, God says some truly amazing things: ‘I have seen, I have heard, I am concerned …….. so I have come down to rescue’. As he heard these words, Moses’ heart must surely have beat faster. But then God issues the challenge: ‘Now go, I am sending you’ to which he very quickly replies with a ‘What me?’ I often feel like that too : I believe in God’s love and mercy but I’m a rather reluctant rescuer. Moses needed persuading and the God who told him ‘I will be with you’, speaks exactly those same words to us today : ‘Now go.’.


Over to you

Pray for

  • A willing and obedient heart to go where God tells you
  • The courage to speak His words of life in difficult situations
  • Imprisoned people who need to hear God say “I am with you”.


What  qualities does God look for when he asks us to do something?


Where have you been leaving things to someone else? What first step could you take ‘to go’?

Optional extra Family activity

Make a ‘Well Done’ badge for someone in your family who tries something new today.


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Steph


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