Pray Today: Day 21, The Priesthood

Read & Consider

Read Exodus 29.44-46


God desires to live in the midst of his own people. Yet because God is holy and human beings are sinful, a necessary separation exists. In the Old Testament this gap could be bridged only by specially consecrated priests who served God by constantly making sacrificial offerings for sin. Aaron, the High Priest, wore a mitre on which was inscribed “Holiness to the Lord”. When Jesus Christ came things changed. He offered himself once and for all on the cross as a holy sin offering. Now he continually intercedes for us in heaven as the great holy and eternal High Priest before God. Not only that, but Peter tells us (1 Peter 2.5) that God has now consecrated us – the church – as a holy priesthood whose purpose is to offer spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Deeper understanding of how much Jesus Christ has done for you and how you can express your thanksgiving today.
  • Revelation of what a church of priests constantly offering spiritual sacrifices to God would look like in practice.
  • Inspiration and motivation by the Holy Spirit to serve God and other people.


What does “holiness to the Lord” mean to you?


What place does church hold right now in your life? Do you need to make any changes?

Optional extra Family activity

Children’s church is looking at this in more details today. Download the activity sheet which includes a picture of what an Israelite High Priest looked like. See if you can look up the meanings of the names of the different vestments or clothes he wore. Design something you could wear using the same priestly colours.


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