Pray Today: Day 23, Sabbath

Read & Consider

Read Exodus 31:16-17


One of the best descriptions I have heard is that the Sabbath is like taking a honeymoon with your Beloved. When we got married we took a six week honeymoon to do away with the ingrained habits of independence that had come with being older.  When you go on a honeymoon, you deliberately get away from everyone else, from work, from the concerns of life and your sole focus is your beloved.   In that sacred space you begin to discover more of what it means to be bound to one another.  The same could be said of God’s command to keep the Sabbath holy.  God ultimately knows what is good for his children. Not only is it good for us to rest from work so as not to be defined by it but more importantly it is vital for us to rest with Him and in Him; learning to surrender our ingrained habits of independence in order to be bound to Him alone.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Those within our congregation whose time is more pressured then ever during this season. That they might plan for moments in their day to sabbath with the Lord and that it would be a treasured time
  • Us as a community as we look forward towards emerging from the pandemic, that we might resist the temptation to busyness as a means of significance and to adopt new ways of being that keep our hearts experiencing God’s affirmation and intentions


Why do you think we find it hard to observe a Sabbath? What does that say about our hearts?


What would it look like for you to observe a Sabbath yearly, weekly and daily? Make a plan to start taking time to observe a Sabbath and put it into action. Ask someone else to help keep you accountable to your plan.

Optional extra Family activity

If it’s a nice day today, go as a family and lie down on the grass together and look up at the sky.  Forget about everything else that needs to be done, entrust it to the Lord for this time and just ask each other, “What do you love about God?


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Tash


Response & Feedback

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