Pray Today: Day 24, The Golden Calf

Read & Consider

Read Exodus 32.30-32


It’s amazing that the Israelites, having experienced the remarkable provision of God journeying with them, should so quickly, while their leader Moses was away, turn away to make a visible idol of the holy and invisible God in express disobedience to his commandment. Yet how quickly the human heart can switch to idolatry. The golden calf, in the form of the image of a bull, symbolised a desire of the Israelites to return to their old life in Egypt together with its gods. Idolatry involves not only worshipping false images, but placing anything or anyone before a holy God as our object of allegiance and devotion. It’s a constant weakness of human nature. But it may result in the withdrawal of God’s presence and seriously jeopardise our journey with him. In this incident it took the fervent passion of Moses for God’s holiness, together with his sacrificial love for his people, to save them.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Wholehearted devotion to Jesus in my everyday life
  • Wisdom for our church leaders that they may be guided by God to know what are our key priorities before the Lord
  • A church that knows how to truly worship Jesus Christ


Can I put my finger on things in my life that I’ve made idols of?


How can I draw closer to God?

Optional extra Family activity

As a family, talk about some of the things that stop us thinking about God.


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Don


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