Pray Today: Day 29, The Sinaiatic Covenant

Read & Consider

Read Exodus 34.27-28


Up until this point in Exodus 34, God has been speaking to Moses, reminding him of all that He has promised and making clear His covenant for Moses and the rest of Israel. Verse 27 reminds us of the strong connection, investment and communication between Moses and God. Moses listened closely to God and had to take note of all that He was saying. I wonder how closely we have been listening to God and taking note of what he is saying to us personally? What does that look like for you in this season of life?

In verse 28, Moses spent forty days and nights on Mount Sinai, with no food or water. The location of their time together in solitude and their intimacy signifies such depth of relationship at such a poignant time, a clear reminder of God’s love for us and how, as we draw close to God, He desires to draw close to us.


Over to you

Pray for

  • For us to gain a renewed awareness of God’s covenant with us each day.
  • For God to speak to us individually and as a church and for us to hear his voice clearly. (John 10:27)
  • As a church family, that we would look to share our faith boldly with others and encourage them in how we have been able to draw close to God.


What is God speaking to you about at this time, which is causing you to stop, listen and take note?

In this time of waiting and a change to our daily routines, how have you been able to draw closer to God, like Moses did on Mount Sinai?


If you are able to, seek solitude and remove yourself from any daily distractions, finding space and time daily to listen to God. Maybe find a spot on the top of a hill!

Would you consider fasting as a way in which to draw closer to God?

Optional extra Family activity

Using some chalk, find a pebble (or something similar) and write God’s promises for you on it. Place the pebble somewhere where you can see it daily, so that it reminds you of God’s faithfulness.

Why not take a photo and send it through to the church office?


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Gemma


Response & Feedback

If you feel God spoke to you or gave you a verse, picture or thought that is for us as a church family, we would love to hear from you.

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