Pray Today: Day 30, The Radiance of Moses

Read & Consider

Read Exodus 34.29


The tablets were the second set created by God, showing his desire to renew the covenant he had with his people, even when they broke their end of the agreement by worshipping another God. Jesus is the ultimate example of God’s Grace and Mercy in the wake of our own sin. God established and renews His covenant with us through Jesus even when we fail to meet our end of the agreement.

In Exodus 33:18, we see Moses asking God “Please show me your glory”. God responds by giving Moses a tiny glimpse. But even just this tiny glimpse caused Moses’ radiant face, which is what we also see in the Transfiguration of Jesus. What’s super exciting is that Paul tells us that through the Holy Spirit we might experience “even more glory” (2 Cor 3. 7,8)!

It might be amusing to note that Moses “did not know” that his face was radiant. Sometimes we might not see the glorious work God is doing in us, and it’s up to our friends to tell us what they see.


Over to you

Pray for

  • During this time, that new people might come into covenant relationship with Jesus.
  • “Please show me your Glory”: that God’s glory might be evident through you and in our community.
  • God might build deep friendships in our community, developing relationships in which we can encourage each other with the glorious work God is doing in our lives.


How do we experience God’s glory today?


Moses asked to see God’s Glory, and God showed up. A relationship with God is two way. How might you seek God’s Glory today? How might you show it to others? How might you encourage it in others?

Optional extra Family activity

See what you can find today that is very shiny and make a collection. You can shine a coin by putting it in a mixture of salt and vinegar. Then give it a good rub. Does your face shine when you smile?


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Tom


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