Pray Today: Day 33, The Response of Faith

Read & Consider

Read Joshua 1. 16-18


For over 40 years the people of Israel have been through many trials and struggles – crossing the Red Sea, wandering in the wilderness, even worrying about having enough to eat. Their faith had been tested, their patience tried, and here God is asking them once again to trust in His provision and faithfulness. They needed:

  • Faith to cross the River Jordan into the Promise Land
  • Faith to get past Jericho (a city under enemy stronghold)
  • Faith to trust and submit to Joshua as God’s appointed leader

How did they respond? With a declaration of their unswerving loyalty to Joshua (v16), covering him in prayer (v17) and affirming a word that Joshua had received from the Lord – “be strong and courageous!” (v18)


Over to you

Pray for

  • The leadership team at The Minster – to hear and listen to God’s voice and trust in His direction
  • Those you know who are struggling during this period who might need a reassurance of God’s faithfulness and that His presence is with them


Be strong and courageous”, words that God speaks over Joshua three times in this chapter (v6, 7 &9), are now repeated by these tribes (v18).

Have you been in a season of challenge? Are you frustrated with not reaching the place you feel God has called you to or are you daunted by the challenges that are yet to come? Do you need these words “Be strong and courageous” spoken over your situation(s) today?


Responding in faith:

  1. Write down a list of any challenges you are facing and ask for God’s wisdom and help.
  2. Spend some time reflecting on what God may be calling you into. Pray for God’s will over your life as you step out in faith.

Submit these plans to the Lord, be strong and courageous and know that HE IS FAITHFUL.

Optional extra Family activity

Guide me O thou Great Redeemer:

Make and decorate a cardboard shield (“Be thou still my strength and shield” verse 2)

Play this clip and march around the kitchen carrying the shield, singing at the top of your voice.

**If you’re Welsh, then of course get that red rugby shirt on!



Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Cameron and Anna


Response & Feedback

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