Pray Today: Day 34, The Scarlet Cord

Read & Consider

Read Joshua 2.14, 21, 23-24


Rahab, a prostitute living in a pagan, wicked, military stronghold, is shown to be a woman who fears God and acts in both faith and submission. Not only does she save herself and her family but her name is counted amongst the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11 and honoured as an example of good works in James 2. Rahab was the only person in all of Jericho who, having heard of God’s works in Egypt, reached out in her heart to God and sought his will and purpose for her and her family and placed her life in His hands. Rahab’s scarlet cord is both a sign similar to the blood on the doorposts in Egypt and a symbol of Christ’s atonement, even though she would have not realised this.

As we see our challenges in the world around us, and how far our culture and time has fallen from God, let us walk in step with the Spirit and not be as clueless as those around Rahab were, but instead seek to hear and obey God’s voice and live as His own people in faith and good works.

Jesus is in the business of calling ordinary people and, in building His kingdom with them, using them in the most extraordinary ways.

Over to you

Pray for

  • A fresh attentiveness to God’s voice and a heart to hear it
  • Wisdom and obedience to abound in your life
  • A life of faith where others are saved and impacted by God’s work in you


How can you, and our church, be a lifeboat for many?


How can we be this “scarlet cord” for those in our community as a church? Seek God’s heart on this matter.

Optional extra Family activity

Get a box and make it into Rahab’s house.  Cut a hole in for the window and tie a piece of red cotton or use a red felt tip to color in a piece of string.

Now tell the story and have the children use small figures to act the story; they can hide those that escape and you can have a game of hide and seek.

Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Sam


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