Pray Today: Day 35, Standing at the Jordan

Read & Consider

Read Joshua 3. 2-6


The Israelites have arrived at an obstacle on their journey to the Promised Land – the swollen, rushing waters of the River Jordan. It is a seemingly impossible task for the thousands of people and their possessions to cross this perilous river but they are told to be expectant of the miraculous (v5). God had revealed a plan of action to Joshua who then instructs the people (v2) as follows:

Sanctify yourselves (v5) – before anything else, prepare spiritually by separating yourselves from the things of the world and focusing on God’s holy purpose.

God shall lead the way (v6) – the Ark of the Covenant was the visual representation of God’s presence and it was to go ahead of the people into the river.

See, then follow (v3-4) – wait until you can see God’s presence, only then set out in faith and follow, always with sight of God’s direction (v4).


Over to you

Pray for

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart and enable you to see God’s lead
  • Be thankful to God that we have Jesus who came before us to lead as an example
  • Ask for wisdom as a church to see God’s ways clearly and for courage to step out in faith and follow


We have seen that God uses peoples’ skills to bring about his holy plans. What skills do you have that can help to bring about God’s plan for the future of his church?


What trials are you facing today? Take time to spiritually prepare yourselves to face these trials with God’s lead.

Optional extra Family activity

Find a number of things in or outside of the house to set up an obstacle course.

Could include things like jumping between cushions or boxes as hurdles- be as creative as you like…!

Think about what you need to do to prepare yourself for the challenge (drink of water? Warm up running on the spot?!)

What would your plan of action be?


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Jonny and Anya


Response & Feedback

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