Pray Today: Day 36, Crossing the Jordan

Read & Consider

Read Joshua 3.9-11, 17


Joshua is confident that in his leadership he is being led by God. Therefore, when he addresses the people, Joshua speaks with the certainty and assurance that God will be faithful and act on behalf of His people. Joshua says, ‘Come here and listen to what the Lord your God has to say.’ In order to hear the Lord speak we must position ourselves. ‘Come here’, says Joshua. At times, it takes intention, deliberate planning and preparation to hear the voice of God.

Joshua tells the people that if they do their part, then God does His. ‘As you advance, He will surely drive out….’

In His grace, God acts. He drives out the enemies. The people can only know this and act in the assurance of faith because they have drawn close to listen.


Over to you

Pray for

  • A heart to want to hear His voice
  • Practical solutions to finding a sacred space
  • That as a church, we would hear God speak


What times in your life do you recall positioning yourself to listen to the Lord because you were desperate to hear His voice?


What creative ways can we find to position ourselves to collectively hear Him before we advance?

Optional extra Family activity

Sit together with art materials and take time to listen. Draw what you hear!


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Anna


Response & Feedback

If you feel God spoke to you or gave you a verse, picture or thought that is for us as a church family, we would love to hear from you.

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