Pray Today: Day 38, Approaching Jericho

Read & Consider

Read Joshua 5.13-15


Joshua, in response to a man with his sword drawn, asks, ‘Are you for us or for our enemies?’  ‘Neither, but as Commander of the Lord’s army’ was the reply. If we are honest, how often do we know what we’re for or against, or we may know where others stand; but rarely do we try to understand what God is “for”?

Joshua’s response to coming face to face with the Commander of the Lord’s Army was to fall face down to the ground in reverence. How we need this response of worship and submission.  Joshua humbles himself before God and eagerly seeks instruction ready to carry out whatever He commands. ‘What message does my Lord have for His servant?’.

Joshua had been focused on battle, conflict and war. He felt the heavy load of responsibility on his shoulders. After he was confronted by the divine Commander he learned the truth… the battle is the Lord’s.  How encouraging that we never have to bear our burdens or face our enemies alone. Joshua was to know the battle ahead was God’s conflict. What’s our part? We are soldiers in His army, His servants for whom he abundantly supplies the armour of God. Eph 6: 10 – 18.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Ask God to reveal the message He has for you His servant
  • Pray for our church leaders, that if/when they feel overwhelmed with responsibility, to be reminded that the Lord will fight for them
  • Pray for the wider church globally to seek the Lord’s will, not mankind’s


When was the last time you sought God’s instruction with a willingness to carry out whatever ever God’s response is? What battles in your life are you trying to win in your own strength? Where do you need to submit to God?


Write down the areas you are submitting to God. Pray about them whilst listening to the worship song ‘Surrounded (Fight my battles)’ . . Write down what God is saying to you about these specific areas and then act accordingly.

Optional extra Family activity

Make a sword out of cardboard and decorate it, so that it is fit for the Commander of the Lord’s Army!


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Becks


Response & Feedback

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