Pray Today: Day 4, Exodus from Egypt

Read & Consider

Read    Exodus 13.3


Moses speaks to the people on behalf of God.  They had just come out of a place of slavery and bondage.  God directed them to remember that it was He who had done it not their own strength.

For the Jewish believer, the Feast of Unleavened Bread is a reminder that there is a need to replace sin with righteousness.  We do this by repentance and welcoming Jesus in: see Galatians 2:22 or Romans 7:23.  It is often said you can take the Israelites out of Egypt but how do you get Egypt out of the Israelites?

The unleavened bread speaks of having no time to allow the bread to prove and raise.  Don’t wait another day to get right with God, get right with God today.


Over to you

Pray for

  • The leadership of the church that they would be directed by God and do not move forward in their own strength.
  • The prodigals (those that know God but are not living in relationship with Him) that they would return to Him, for this is the day of salvation.


Take a moment to ask God, is there anything that I am trying to do in my own strength today? Why do you feel the need to carry these responsibilities?  Talk with God.


Write down anything that you need to hand over to God, then lift this piece of paper in the air and give it to God.

Optional extra Family activity

Make some no yeast bread rolls using flour, oil, and milk. Eat one while it’s still warm.


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Jane


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