Pray Today: Day 40, Possessing the Land

Read & Consider

Read Joshua 11.23


Joshua had now taken possession of the land.  As we have taken this 40 day prayer journey along with those Israelites, I believe we have taken possession of many of our heart’s attitudes.   Now the real challenge begins: are we willing to inhabit the ground we have taken.

The journey has encouraged as to step into a journey of total dependence on God, to see God’s perspective and to become an obedient people. I believe that from God’s perspective the greater reality for His people was not their deliverance but the purpose of their deliverance. He always looks beyond.

Mere religion knows about God: our Christian walk allows us to know God.  Relationships are built in trust, communication, common interest, honesty and spending time together.  It is no different with knowing God and it is from that place of knowing God that we find our greatest purpose in life.  Is our ultimate quest to see the face of God?  Moses felt that knowing more of this God was worth risking death.

(You might like to consider that whilst scripture says that no one can see the face of God and live, there are those in scripture that were willing to pursue this God: Moses knew God face to face; did Gideon perceive the Lord as an Angel? Judges 6. 22-23? What about John in Revelation 1.9-10, 12- 18. )

Seeing God is costly: something always has to die.  Is it that we can only live in the kingdom, our promised land, if we are willing to embrace the adventure of experiencing God as He is?

Let’s continue to pursue God.


Over to you

Pray for

  • For God to reveal any heart attitudes that he wants you to allow Him to heal
  • The Lord to reveal the reason he has saved you and ask Him to give you the boldness to live in the fulness of this calling
  • To thank God for all that He has done and revealed to you in these 40 days
  • To pray the church will continue to seek the face of the Lord


Have you ever experienced God’s “shattering the box” of your understanding?  How did you respond?  Are you willing to let Him do it again?


As this 40 day prayer journey together ends, like the Israelites that then inhabited the territory in tribes, think about who are you doing life with.  Talk about what you could do together in worship, prayer and study and put a plan in place for seeking God together.

Optional extra Family activity

Set up a tea party, bake a cake, make sandwiches, encourage the children to bring their favourite bear, or doll.  Now before you eat, take time and think what the Lord has done for you in the last 40 days and thank Him: this is a party for the Lord and all He is doing in your life.

A song to play while having tea


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Jane


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