Pray Today: Day 7, God’s faithfulness

Read & Consider

Read    Exodus 15:13, 17


Having looked back and praised God for what he has done for them, the song of the Israelites now looks ahead to the future. Although free from slavery, the Israelites faced a journey into the unknown. They would need to rely on God’s guidance to lead them safely to the Promised Land. In the same way, even though we can’t know what lies ahead of us, we can trust in God’s constant faithfulness. Just as He guided the Israelites, we know with certainty that will also guide and lead us.

Verse 17 fixes our eyes on our destination: the sanctuary where we will dwell with God. A hopeful ending to the song for both the Israelites, looking towards Canaan, and for us looking towards heaven – our own promised land.


Over to you

Pray for

  • Ask that today you would be reminded of specific examples of God’s faithfulness to you. Praise him for those!
  • Pray that your security and trust in God would shine out to others around you and provide a different perspective for people who are fearful of the future.
  • Pray for our church family as we journey together, that we remember God’s faithfulness.


How are you trusting God to guide you safely through the unknown right now?

Which Bible verses particularly speak to you in moments of challenge and unbelief?


How have we already seen God’s faithfulness in our journey as a church family?

Which areas do we particularly need to pray into as we trust Him to lead and guide us?

Optional extra Family activity

A perfect opportunity to sing along to ‘My Lighthouse’, with actions if you know them!

Throughout the song, the lyrics continually speak of God’s faithfulness: ‘ I will trust your promise, you will carry me safe to shore.’


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Katrina.


Response & Feedback

If you feel God spoke to you or gave you a verse, picture or thought that is for us as a church family, we would love to hear from you.

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