Pray Today: Day 9, The Manna

Read & Consider

Read    Exodus 16:4


God instructed Moses to tell the Israelites to  ‘go out each day’ and gather enough Manna ‘for that day.’  In this case, it was a physical need that God was providing for – literally giving them their daily bread – but it struck me that God wants us to come to Him daily for our spiritual refuelling too.  God does not want us to use Sundays as our one opportunity to hoard all the spiritual input to last us through the whole week.  He wants us to come to Him daily for a fresh dose of Him!  If we meet with Him each day, we make Him an essential part of our lives and involve Him in each step of the journey.


Over to you

Pray for

  • God to make His instructions for our church’s future clear to our leaders
  • God to provide for those who are struggling with their basic daily needs during this pandemic
  • Personal opportunities and motivation to spend quality time with God each day


What is your favourite way to spend quality time with God daily? (Reading the Bible, listening to worship music, praying?)


Write down any excuses you use for not meeting with God daily, e.g. “too busy” or “I forget.” Underneath, write down how you can overcome these, e.g. scheduling a daily reminder on your phone for 15 minutes per day of quality time with God.

Optional extra Family activity

Pick an upbeat Christian song each day to listen to as a family and sing and dance along to it to praise God together daily!


Today’s Pray Today was prepared by Carly.


Response & Feedback

If you feel God spoke to you or gave you a verse, picture or thought that is for us as a church family, we would love to hear from you.

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