Young Adults

The Gathering is a discipleship community within Latimer Minster, largely made up of people in their 20s and 30s, in all stages of life. We meet on Thursday evenings throughout the year, with the aim of encouraging one another in becoming more like Jesus in our day to day lives.

We focus on building community, in an environment where people feel able to be vulnerable about their struggles, are supported and challenged to grow, and where life and transformation is celebrated. We do real life, real purpose, and real relationships. We intentionally make space for God to speak to us. We love to give opportunity for people to grow in leadership and influence, both within our community, and in their own spheres.

We are one large gathering of people that is made up of several smaller groups. We believe that effective discipleship happens across both large and small groups, as well as in one to one and tight-knit relationships. We try to intentionally foster all of these spaces within our community.

Our Rhythm

We have a rolling 4 weekly rhythm:

Week One we meet at the farm, have dinner together, hear teaching around a topic and then begin to unpack in smaller groups.

Week Two We meet in homes, in our small groups, and continue to explore the months topic using scripture and discussion questions to guide us.

Week Three we bring all of the Gathering small groups together and do something that is social, thoughtful, active, fun, inspiring, or hopefully all of the above!

Week Four we meet again in our small groups in homes and finish the months topic with another guided discussion.

Get in touch

To find out more or get involved please email or speak to either of the Gathering leaders on a Sunday morning at Latimer Minster.