Daniel: Being a stand up person in a bow down world (week 6)

Daniel: a time to fast and pray.
The spiritual life of a stand up person. 

As we have been exploring the book of Daniel together as a community this week we are taking a moment to pause and reflect upon what God has been teaching us through Daniel.  We are also pausing this week on wednesday to fast and pray.  As we encounter Daniel’s life one of the overriding examples of His life was that being a stand up person in a bowing down world didn’t come by him mustering up the stamina to do so, rather, Daniel orientated his life in such a way so as to be used by God. Throughout the pages of the book of Daniel, we find him praying consistently throughout the day, fasting and abstaining, praying together with his friends for specific revelations, calling the exiles to corporate prayer, confession and petitioning of the Lord. He actively made himself dependant upon the Lord through the practise of prayer and fasting. And God honoured his humility by supplying him with revelation, wisdom, boldness and influence.

As a community we have a lot to learn from Daniel about making ourselves more dependant upon God. We live in a time where both independance and individualism are exalted and where the patterns of our lifestyle promote that kind of living.  This is partly why we have called for this day of prayer and fasting on wednesday in acknowledgment that we are not the source of wisdom, power or authority but rather that God is. And if we are to be effective in this world as a Minster and as the people of God then we need to practise getting down on our knees before Him, bending our wills to His and acknowledging His soveriegnty.  So please do join together with us on wednesday by engaging in prayer and fasting either physically with us or with us in spirit.

Time to seek:

9am-10:30am [Time to repent]

Seeking breakthrough in our spiritual lives and in our community through the breaking off of bonds that bind us”

Read Daniel 9:1-11.  Use Daniels prayer as a model for repentance.

  • Ask the Lord to show you any sin in your life (sin against God, sin against another, sin committed in your own body) that has remained unconfessed?   Confess it before our merciful and forgiving God and recieve His grace for you.
  •  Ask the Lord if there is any action that you need to do in order to allow His grace to further do it’s work. Anyone you need to say sorry to, any habit that you need to ask another to help you to cut off, anything that you need to get rid of in your life, anyone you need to forgive?

12pm-1pm [Time to listen]

Seeking breakthrough by listening together for  Jesus’ voice, leading and reassurance even from within the fires of adversity and confusion that threaten to consume us.”

Read Daniel 2:17-19a; Daniel 3:19-27 as a starter.

  • Start by inviting the Lord to speak to you through the power of His Spirit.  You could start by saying, “Lord help me to take a moment to be still and to listen for your voice…”  As your mind may be prone to wander keep returning to asking him to speak to you about anything He wants to speak to you about.
  •  Take a pen and paper and start to write down what you think the Lord might be saying to you about:
    1. your next step in your relationship with Him..
    2. your next step in the development of your character…
    3. your next step in your family life…
    4. your next step in your working life and/or service to God..
    5. for us as a minster…

7.30pm-9pm [Time to Encounter]

“Seeking breakthrough by receiving the fire of the God’s spirit”

Read Acts 2:1-4; 17-21

  • Ask the Lord to fill you afresh with both the fire and enabling of His Spirit?
  • Ask the Spirit to fuel you with a greater passion for and commitment to God and His word and for making Jesus name known in the world?
  • Invite the Spirit to work the fruits of the spirit into your character and to equip you with gifts of the spirit that you might be a blessing unto the body of believers and as an exile within the context/s that He has planted you?
Use this song as a prayer.