Dreams and Prayers


Dear Minster and friends,

“Tell them about the dream, Martin; Tell them about the dream.”

These were the words of the great African American Gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson, that prompted Martin Luther King to move into sharing ‘I have a dream’ in a sermon that has come to define a vision for a nation with racial harmony and civil rights for all.

Today, as I write, this country is going to the Polls for an election. Regardless of the eventual outcome, there seems to be little space for dreaming today.

My hope and prayer today, as we seek God together in prayer, is that we would emulate Daniel and his friends who decided to pray for a breakthrough when they felt they were in a crisis.

Perhaps you feel stretched out about the state of the nation and Brexit; perhaps it is a situation at home or at work; perhaps your personal life or emotional health is a concern.

Why not gather friends and pray?

As a church we will be having a day of prayer and fasting on 12th June and I would love to ask you all to join with me in pressing in for a breakthrough. In Daniel 2 – even death seemed at the door, but God answered their prayers by revealing mysteries.

With much love,




We have decided to postpone this Sunday’s Get Connected Lunch. Please keep an eye on our website for any future dates.

Just a reminder there’s no prayer and communion next Wednesday as it’s half term.

Serving is a great way to get involved with the church and feel like more of a community. We are always really in need of people in various areas. Click here to see the areas you could get involved in!

Time to seek the Lord: A day set aside for prayer and fasting.

Set times to meet together in community and a focus are:

9am – 10:30am:  Time to Repent
12pm – 1pm:  Time to Listen
7:30pm – 9pm:  Time to Encounter

(All meetings will be in the tent)

The site will be available all day as a place to come and meet with God. You could use the prayer shack, the tent, or walk around the Farm site.

Why not think too about fasting, a clear way of encouraging focus: ask if you are unsure how to go about this.


Please keep an eye on our website for more information about this soon. Please email daisy.hill@theminster.org if you have any queries.