Enquire of the Lord

Dear Minster and Friends,

“David enquired of the Lord…”
2 Sam 5:19, 23

King David often faced many difficult situations – whether they were to do with his relationship with King Saul, his family or invading armies. The scriptures record two incidents only a few verses apart when David and his men were facing invading Philistine armies. Before each incident “David enquired of the Lord…” and on each occasion he found different instructions were given to him. He was in the same place, fighting the same enemy and with the same army at his disposal – yet the Lord spoke to him the second time and told him to ‘go around and wait for the sound of marching in the treetops’, whereas in the first instance he was told to go straight ahead.

We can often face trying circumstances, challenging ones – even ones we have faced before. No doubt we may not be responding to invading armies seeking to destabilise an emerging monarchy, but we all face pressures that cause us to wrestle with despair or bring weariness from the cut and thrust of life, job, responsibilities. Do we find ourselves being plunged into a deeper distress because of difficulties in making decisions, worries about the future, concern, anxiety or panic even. The heroes and the characters of scripture were well acquainted with such things and David’s example here is one to follow – he ‘enquires of the Lord’.

If you have a journal, pour out your situation before God and ask for direction. It may well be that the scriptures have instruction for you as you read them daily, or that you seek out a friend or two and ask them to wait and pray with you for a while. May I urge you to ‘enquire of the Lord’ this weekend – our Sunday Family service at 10:30am and the Encounter Worship Night in the barn are perfect ways to bring before God your decisions and quandaries for 2018.

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly…

Well – decking the tent with boughs of holly and sprigs of pine, lights and angel wings!
This Saturday from 9:30am – 4:30pm we will be preparing the tent and the site of the farm to battle the darkness and fill our space with a warm and welcoming light. If you can come for any portion of the day then please make your way up to the farm during the day. We will also be joined with students from OCCA who are ready to work hard! Some inside jobs for the cold and the creatives – some outside jobs for those who want to hack something, dig something and generally work up a holy sweat! A light lunch will be provided.

A Light has Dawned

I am beyond excited about the Christmas we have planned at the Minster this year. December guides will be handed out this Sunday so please have a close look at what is coming up and think who you would like to extend an invitation to. We have an evening Carol Service on 17th December, where I will be preaching. We also have a new and improved live nativity on Christmas Eve with Amy Orr-Ewing preaching, and the usual shorter service on Christmas Day.

We also need more volunteers to make Christmas run really smoothly! If you can bake or serve at the 17th or 24th services, be on car parking duty, take leaflets to hand out in your area or sing carols at GX station on the 6th or 13th, then please respond to this email and we will be in touch!

With much love,