Facing Beasts and Seeking Refuge

Dear Minster and Friends,

At the point of writing, so far the ‘Beast from the East’ has lightly dusted Stampwell Farm with beautiful snow – but there is meant to be more to come. One of my friends said that although this had led to travel chaos and wintry chills – in Scotland they would just say ‘you might need a scarf’.

However you are coping with the unseasonably chilly weather, no doubt you will be looking forward to huddling up in a warm refuge during the evenings. The weather often brings with it living parables or chances to meditate upon the scriptures. In Proverbs 14:26 the elder writes “whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for their children it will be a refuge.”  For many of us, it is neither the howl of marauders nor the howl of the wind from which we need a refuge, but the constant barrage of fears, stresses, anxieties and pressures that we cannot seem to escape. But God himself opens up for us an invitation to come in and take shelter – a refuge for ourselves and families and perhaps children, if we have them. The clue is to be found in our worship, adoration and a godly fear and respect for the Lord – and he will cast his careful arms around us and those who are precious to us. May you know this refuge, and run into his strong tower this week.

With much love,


Coming up
This Sunday, during the service we have a ministry fair – a chance to find out about all the exciting ministries of the church, chat things through with the ministry leaders and also see if you would like to get involved in any way. We are also asking Jane to give us a budget update and sketch out some of the things we could do together to continue to steward what we have wisely. Look out for improvements to the website, small upgrades to the lighting and sound set-up in the barn and other excitements!

Maternity Cover
Rachel McKee will be going on maternity leave in May and we are seeking maternity leave cover for her job. Though we may have some aspects covered, we are still looking for someone else who would enjoy a part-time role and could begin in April.
To find out what the role involves please email Rachel at contact.us@latimerminster.org or call 0300 303 8800