Fear, Faith and Hope

Dear Minster and Friends,

There is a lot of fear around at the moment. The coronavirus is the subject of much fear in our society; but even before and beyond that, it seems we live in a world that is often fearful.

Fear, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily a problem. It can lead us to take sensible precautions; and in extreme situations, fear is an emotional and bodily response that makes sense. It gives us the adrenaline we need to aid us in a ‘fight or flight’ situation. The problem comes when fear becomes chronic, remaining with us over the long term.

Chronic fear, ultimately, shows that we don’t trust in God as we might. We’re holding on to fear, when we need to be taking our fears to God. God is sovereign, and is in ultimate control of everything. And Scripture tells us that in all things, He works for the good of those who love Him.

And as well as this, we know the end of this story that we’re in. We know that, ultimately, God wins. We know that we will spend eternity with this all-powerful, all-loving, perfectly kind and good God, in a place where there is no more suffering or mourning or death or pain. When we truly believe that, our earthly fears, as real as they are to us now, are put into proper perspective.

So let’s ask God to increase our trust in Him; our faith, and also our hope. That way, we will be oases of peace and joy in a world that seems in ever-increasing need.

God bless,