Friend, Guide and Counsellor

Dear Minster and Friends,

“When He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13)

In the recent wartime film ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ one of the heroines, Elizabeth, leaves her daughter momentarily with a friend, uncomfortable with the responsibility the friend asks – but why me?  She replies – “because when I ask for some bread you give me your last piece’. One of the deep signs of friendship is to entrust someone you love into the care of another. It is a similar trust and love that parents consider when appointing godparents for their children, or guardians in their wills – who could I trust to have the best interests of another in mind? Which of my friends shows the best character, constancy and love? These are the friends you choose. When Jesus was embarking on the final steps to his crucifixion, he entrusts the disciples to the Spirit of God – to know the presence of a new friend during the absence of a their trusted mentor and friend. He calls the Spirit another Counsellor, and the Spirit of Truth who will guide them. One of the best ways of being a friend is to introduce our friends to our other friends – Christian friendship is including, it warmly opens relationships that are worth something to others, it is a welcoming form of love. Jesus opens up and invites the disciples into the love of God in the Trinity – he commends the Spirit to them, and even goes further, saying that unless he goes away they might never truly get the chance to know and understand the Counsellor.

Friendship with God is not only precious and unique, it is also to be shared. In prayer, we can entrust our friends to the care of God – knowing that the Lord can be present when we cannot, that in their distress he can draw close even when we may not. A prayer, inspired by Christ in John 16, for those near and dear to us is; that they may know the Spirit, that the Counsellor would draw, lead and guide and comfort them.

May you know the friendship of God and the guidance of the Spirit through this week

With Every Blessing in Christ,



2nd September – Songs of Praise 
This Sunday we have people from the BBC coming to film during the service and we will be having another BBQ after the service, which they will be filming also.

3rd – 10th September – Anglican Future Conference
Please pray for Frog as he travels to Melbourne next week for the Anglican Future Conference. Frog will be training and equipping clergy, speaking at the main talks on Friday and Saturday and preaching in a church on Sunday. For more information on the conference go to 

9th September – Move Up Sunday

We really want to thank those that have very kindly donated money for us to purchase Bibles for the children and youth, we have currently received almost half of the amount needed! We would really love to be able to gift all of our children and youth with a brand new Bible on Move Up Sunday. Each Bible costs roughly £12 so please do consider sponsoring a Bible or two – by either putting it in an envelope during the Sunday offering and writing ‘Bible’ on the envelope or making an online donation with the ref BIBLE

Children and Youth
Helpers – 
We are in real need of more leaders and helpers to help with children/youth from September. If you feel this is something you might like to get involved with then please email the office and we will explore with you whether this would be the right fit.
Tablets – We are looking into having a virtual register for our children and youth groups. In order to do this we would need a few extra tablets. If anyone has any tablets, or even old smartphones, that they would be willing to donate please email
Toys – We are also in need of  good quality small toys for the younger one – dolls, cars, magnetic toys etc. If you have any you would be happy to donate please speak to Anna or email her

14th – 16th September – 24/7 Prayer at Walsall

Walsall Heathlands Mission is part of our network, head up by Ian and Sarah.
If anyone would like to support praying for Walsall; Jane will be taking a team up to stay Friday – Saturday. There will be accommodation available. If you would like to be involved with this then please speak to Jane or email

22nd September – REBOOT Youth Conference
Central Hall Westminster, SW1H 9NH

An interactive day for 12-18 year olds to ask their big questions about God.
For more information and to book tickets go to

30th September – Vision Sunday
During the service we will be sharing the vision of Latimer Minster in our story so far and plans for the future. We will also have time after the service for Q&A.