Getting and Giving Gold

Dear Minster and Friends,

True wisdom is often associated with understanding real worth and value.

This time of year is traditionally known as Epiphany – or the twelfth day of Christmas, or the day you take your decorations down…or the day of celebrating the coming of the Wise Men with gifts to the infant Jesus. Epiphany is also an English word meaning a moment of revelation and understanding.

One of the gifts offered by the Wise Men was gold – the nearly universal symbol of worth, wealth and value. Gift giving is important business – it is a transfer of something of worth to indicate to a person that they are worth something to us. We buy and give a gift, in effect to say, relationship is more important than my bank balance, it is a token of love and affection, a way of speaking and communicating worth and value. But the ancient Wise Men had stumbled upon a revelation that the readers of the Hebrew Scriptures had known for generations.

“The words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times.”┬áProverbs 12:6

“The Almighty will be your gold.”┬áJob 22:25

“Wisdom is better than fine gold.”┬áProverbs 8:19

Perhaps January has become associated by guilt-filled diets and self-focused resolutions. I want to call us back to an ancient pursuit of wisdom and worth, considering what is truly valuable, and resolving to focus on these things.

As we start the year, instead of vague resolutions I would invite you to join me in asking these questions of yourselves;

What is your gold? What do you value most as you start the year?

What will you do to grow in wisdom in 2018?

Where will you invest your gold? And will you lay it at the feet of Jesus as a gift like the wise men did?

This Sunday – Join us for a great start to the year at 10:30am.

After the service if you could spare a few minutes we will be taking down the Christmas decorations together. The more volunteers we have the shorter the job will take.

With much love,