Giving to Minster Fellowship

Dear friends;

The Minster fellowship , the formal name of the charity which planted Latimer Minster in 2010 and stands behind plants, projects, partnerships, ministries and mission initiatives, will continue to serve churches locally and across the world, and will be inviting new funds and seeking to give grants to new areas of mission and evangelism over the coming months and years.

for the autumn update on the mission projects click:
The Trustees of the Minster  have also enabled a new charity to be formed to serve the congregation in Beaconsfield, and have ensured that during the time of transition donations can be clearly delineated for this new charity. Details of this arrangement will be emailed to all regular congregational donors or can be given by emailing

Frog Orr-Ewing’s direct personal ministry, as Theologian and Missioner for the Minster Fellowship , and with the wider network, will also continue to be supported through the Minster Fellowship as it has been since 2010.

The Minster will also continue to develop and publish online resources in theology and mission.

You can email or you can also try @missionalfrog on Twitter or Instagram