Dear Minster and friends,

“I urge them first of all, petitions, prayers, intercessions be made for all people ..for all those in authority, that we may live peaceful & quiet lives in all godliness & holiness” 1 Tim 2.1-2

Should we pray for Bojo to find our Mojo? Last week we looked at ways of praying – prayers, petitions and intercessions. This week we will think about part of the purpose of our prayers – living peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. Peaceful and quiet lives are not meant to be ones that are ineffective and weak – but ones which pursue agreement, and avoid unnecessary strife, drama and conflict. Again, often when we have lived with something for a long time we take it for granted – so many people around the world are dealing with civil war, violence, intimidation and threat. Millions are internally displaced or refugees because of conflicts and it throws everything else into question. We who experience civil peace often forget to pray for it – but those who are living in a land filled with civil unrest and strife do not need reminding to pray for peace.

When we pray for leaders and those in authority the whole nation benefits, everyone wins.

So let’s pray for our leaders, politicians and cabinet members this week – for favour and wisdom in negotiations, for wisdom in making appointments.

With much love,




There will be no prayer and communion on Wednesdays during the summer holidays, they will start back up on 11th September.


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