Men’s Ministry

At Latimer Minster we find it is great to hang out as guys together sometimes.

Men Making Fire Nights – These groups are 6-9 in their size, contain a group leader and focus on sharing life’s challenges together, accountability in discipleship, worship, and prayer which focuses on encountering the Holy Spirit to empower us to be men for Christ.

Accountability Groups – These groups are born out of the personal space and where men can be more vulnerable with one another and enjoy support, prayer and challenge in being disciples.

We currently have 30 men engaged in these groups and are always seeking to create more spaces. The personal space groups meet Wednesday at the Minster, around the campfire, every two weeks. No phones are permitted and we have chosen the time of 8:30 pm – 10pm to allow fathers to have finished family time and minimise disruption to the family rhythm.

Our goal is to see us develop in character and effectiveness in all areas of our lives.

Next Phase

  • The month of May saw the first month where we had groups meeting every week. We are now looking at starting new groups on a different night to accommodate the growing need for Men’s discipleship.
  • We are looking to start more Men’s groups in the social space. This will involve possible Men’s retreats, Men’s volunteer’s day, but also a collaboration between men’s ministry and children and youth discipleship events within the Minster. Some ideas being explored are Dad, Daughters and Lads retreat weekend.
  • There are some specific pastoral and discipleship needs within men’s ministry (especially around identity, sexuality, pornography, and marriage), which the leadership is working to tackle.
  • Men’s evangelism, inviting men into the personal space groups who don’t yet know Jesus and journey with them by sharing the impact the gospel has had on their lives. This is a new project using discipleship and personal relationship to share the gospel by witnessing its liberating and transformative power.

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