Lift up your Hearts

This Sunday we will meet once again. For nearly 1800 years the acclamation of the church in corporate worship has been, “Sursum Corda.” This sursum corda (which means “Let us lift up our hearts” in Latin) bids us acknowledge our absolute dependence on the Most High, who desires to commune with us who are made in his image.
It is reported that as early as 262 AD Cyprian of Carthage said this to his congregation. Jesus reminds us to lift up our heads out of our present situation and see our Redeemer. This Sunday we will all draw together and encounter the living God.
Sunday night we have a worship evening. There is something breathtaking about worshiping with the Church, in all times and all places, and declaring that we cannot do life on our own. We need to be lifted out of our life into the very life of God. As we worship let us let the Holy Spirit elevate us out of our mundane preoccupations and give us a vision of Jesus our Redeemer.