Mighty Prevailing Prayer

Dear Minster and Friends,

‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.’ Philippians 4:6

Prevailing Prayer:  is praying until you have the answer or the breakthrough you are longing and asking for. I think we need to pray in this kind of way – especially over the next week until we end the month of January.

Are you in need of secure, definite and timely answers to your prayers? Are you low in energy and worn down from a lack of answers or daily knock-backs and discouragements? Prayer, fervent, bold, courageous, urgent and determined is an energetic way to face the realities of our personal and spiritual situations. It is a wise use of time and energy that will change our circumstances but will also change how we see future obstacles.

Do you feel at times like your back is up against the wall? Now imagine you crouch down low, place your knees upon the ground, and like a sprinter, use that wall to spring forward. Turn that pressure around and put it into prayer. Unsatisfied and confused?

I have watched with growing fascination experts in the art of parkour – running up and around walls, overcoming obstacles with such energy and changing the perspective on our urban environments. They have turned wall-running into a ‘thing’ instead of leaving it to spiderman special effects. https://www.pumpphotography.com/pump/parkour

I very rarely call on us to an urgent synchronisation of our prayer lives – but as your pastor, I am doing so now. In the last few weeks has risen a growing sense of urgency to press in and ask God wholeheartedly for a breakthrough. I am asking you to come with your own personal prayer burdens, with your requests.  The Bible says we should ‘present our requests before God’ and to do so for every situation – for wisdom or breakthroughs in your work, maybe. I feel led to ask us to come together especially in a single hour on a specific day – the 31st January between 8pm – 9pm. A Wednesday evening – to urgently ask God to build his Kingdom in us as a people, in our congregation and in our region as a whole. We will also pray for friendships and relationships within the church, our personal and corporate finances, and also our individual homes and our shared church home and site, as we approach a round of decisions from the local council regarding our planning. We will pray for our planned Mission in November: ‘rethink’ and for our young people.

This evening we will have our Encounter Prayer from 7:30pm – 8:30pm in the Small Barn, to truly encounter God, ask the Holy Spirit to come and invade our lives – and gear up for prayer during the week.
Then on Wednesday, we will have prayer and communion from 9am -10am as normal, a led session of prayer from 12pm – 1pm in the barns, and then a real push in prayer from 8pm – 9pm in the tent. Every hour of the day, the prayer shack will be open, and we hope that you will sign up to praying for an hour during the day. If you would like to fast that day then you are welcome to join with others who are choosing to do so. If for some reason you are unable to make it up to the church that day, or cannot find a babysitter for a young child, then join us in prayer for an hour wherever you are. Check the Latimer Minster Facebook page where we will post small videos and verses of scripture that will direct and inspire you.

“God intends your praying to secure divine answers. Prayer is not just God’s diversion to keep from being lonely. Prevailing prayer is not simply a spiritual exercise to help you grow in grace. Prevailing prayer is God’s ordained means for extending his Kingdom…it is God’s priority strategy for our age.” Wesley L Duewel.

Its time for some wall running!

With much love,