Miracle Events

Dear Minster and Friends,

In the last few days the language of miracles has come crashing into news reports, social media, tv and radio. I will admit that it was two football triumphs in a few days that provoked these words and outbursts of worship … ‘glory, glory Tottenham Hotspur’. The Liverpool victory was the first one that was splashed on front pages and back pages as the Miracle of Anfield, and then a hatrick from a Brazilian in extra time put the second English team into the Champions League Final. But when the Christian footballer who scored the goals, Lucas Moura , had the first chance to take to social media he posted a picture of himself kneeling with hands raised and the Bible verse: “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. Luke 1:37

Miracles are not the suspending of the laws of nature, but startling moments in time which point outside our normal day to day events.  The bible tends to use words such as ‘wonders’ or ‘deeds’ or ‘signs’ for those moments when we feel God has pointed to something of Himself or of eternity in acting in history or the present. Parting the Red Sea, healing the blind, Daniel’s survival in the Lions den – all these happened to remind us to look up to make sense of the world.

When asked about his relationship with God started, Moura said “I began to interest myself in what these people were saying to me and so I started to read the Bible and started to get the grasp God’s love for me. From there on, it was very fast and I began to understand the message and I fell in love with reading the Bible and I fell in love with the gospel of Christ”.

My prayer this week is that we might share this ‘Miracle’ of falling in love with reading the Bible and falling in love with the Gospel of Christ.

I hope you will join with others in the Minster in praying through the Book of Daniel together. The weekly devotional is going out every week and you can subscribe on the website or follow on Facebook.

Also join us for one of our Get Connected lunches or for our Alpha course which begins at the end of May. Details for both are below.

With much love,




On 12th May and 26th May we are holding lunches for people to meet some of the team and community leaders from the Church. To RSVP or for more details please email scarlett.sharp@theminster.org


Starting on 28th May we will be running an Alpha course. If you would like more information or to be added to the list for this then please email contact.us@latimerminster.org


On this day we will having a day of prayer and fasting to really take time to seek the Lord and his word. We will give more details nearer the time of how you could get involved but we would really encourage everyone to join us on this day to pray and fast.