Mission Projects – Autumn Updates

Dear All

I thought it would be helpful to sketch out for you a brief update of some of the Mission Projects that have been supported by the Minster over the last few years, and especially where things are at during several challenges presented by Covid-19.

These are not comprehensive , but further information on the projects and how to find out more or to support them in the future Can easily be supplied by emailing contact.us@theminster.org




In the UK, we have a few mission projects and partnerships which have been supported by the Minster over the last few years, and several which are still going well. 

In the local area we have Latimer Minster Ascot, which is a missionary community in the Ascot area, led by Tim Norman, who works closely with a local parish church, gathers small groups, runs alpha courses and online services.  Information can be seen here:


London Mission Hub: This has been a partnership with Kids Matter, Latimer Minster, the Message Trust, Youth for Christ and a London Pentecostal church.  It provides a space for working and praying together in Westbourne park, and helps these important charities create a sense of community whilst they focus on some of the most important needs of mission in London.  

Walsall Heathlands Mission: https://heathlandsmission.org/

The Walsall Heathlands Mission project is a partnership between the local churches (Christ Church and St Chad’s), the Diocese of Lichfield and Latimer Minster, which began in early 2017. For several years now this has led to a parish mission, new services called ‘TENT’ which catered to the unchurched community in Walsall; new regular services in a local school, and a dedicated House of Prayer.  During Lockdown the project leaders have been running services online, and have developed an app which has allowed small groups to continue to meet.  

Africa and Globally

Latimer Minster has supported a variety of amazing leaders and churches throughout Africa over the last few years, and has continued to do so during lockdown.  Our priority is to support where we have personal connection with projects that are initiated and managed by local partners. 


Trinity Minister (in Jos) was planted with funds from the Minster, and continues to be supported, especially in times of need.  We were able to supply a tent to replace a destroyed church, football kits for young people, and continue to provide much-needed love and support during times of crisis, which unfortunately happen regularly.  In recent weeks 32 villages in the surrounding neighbourhoods have been ransacked, and several of those known to us are in regular danger from violence.    We work very closely with Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, and Ven Justice Okoronkwo and Rev Hassan John – the latter two were members of the team at the Minster for a year when they were training in mission and theology in Oxford.  


After several years of supporting Raymond Bukenya in Karamoja province, and continuing to help in the projects in the Prison fellowship, and the local churches and mission projects in the area, we are also key supporters of Raymond, who has planted Ebenezer Chapel.  Frog was there to lead prayers for the opening of the new church, which reaches out to students and business professionals in a neighbourhood of Kampala.  Raymond’s late wife, Brenda was also a member of the team at Latimer Minster, and their son spent the first few months of his life at Stampwell farm!  We continue to do all we can to support this amazing family as they seek to rebuild their lives after her death, and a serious accident that Raymond had earlier this year.

Kalerwe- Kampala  

Also an important project is supporting work amongst young women and girls with Rachael Mutesi, and responding to critical needs in the slum areas of Kalerwe in central Kampala.  Rachel is the founder of Ufuhari – a charity that supports vulnerable women in Kalerwe.  It was during the crisis that faced local teachers in this neighbourhood that the Minster was able to transfer much needed emergency food to families in need.