Uganda Partnerships

The latest news from Raymond in Uganda:

As I write, I want to inform you that the Anglican Diocese of Karamoja gave us a house at the beginning of September, and on 12th September we packed everything of ours onto a lorry and moved to Moroto where we shall call home for the next couple of years. Brenda and I shall be directly involved in the Development and Youth Offices directly. Personally I will be concentrating on Mission and Evangelism and Youth work, while Brenda will manage Development Projects in the Diocese. Nathan will keep smiles on our faces as he grows each day. Nathan has been adjusting well, except for a flue and cough that hit him recently and weakened him a bit, but he’s now getting better. We were also able to have him immunised for pneumonia and others  at 4 months, in Karamoja!

Sorry I have been sending in updates by text or WhatsApp because we still have to use internet on our phones, not computers. So I always did short updates. I’m talking to Internet service providers to see if there is anything available that can serve us conveniently at the Diocese, and we would share the same wifi as family.

So far…

1. We have moved to Karamoja

2. We have a home. Initially it was in a not good state, especially with a baby, but with the help of financial support from the Minster, we have been able to do major repairs and now moved in. Some more work on the Kitchen and bathroom still remains. But pretty much things are functioning well, and we are settling well.

3. Brenda has met with the Diocesan Leadership and Development Board, and an appointment will be handed to her by the end of this week, or on Monday next week.

4. I have already been involved in several Ministry activities here at the Diocese. Some of which I had done previously. Been to Moroto Prison, which is the 2nd largest prison in Karamoja. It had 226 inmates and 4 little children as of last week.

5. Two weeks ago I launched a youth social platform called KARAMOJA YOUTH*CONNECT; which primarily targets Sports-loving Karimojong young people, and any other interested. It came out of the fact that a year ago before I left for Oxford, there was no Sports Betting in Moroto, but on my return, I noticed it had taken serious root and was growing big among the youths. So I thought of how to intervene, that’s why the Youth*Connect was started.

At this social platform, I use our TV, and the portable PA System given to by OCCA/RZIM, and a Digital TV subscription from Multichoice/DsTV to show free Barclay’s Premier league games, which most youth love to watch, and have personal Team affiliations. During the Half-time Breaks, I get to do a short talk and Q&A.

In the last two events, we have discussed The Love for Iour Premier League Teams; Why we Love the particular teams and not the other, and the non-discriminative Love of God of God for all of us. We have also started a discussion on the vice of Sports Betting.; Is it gambling? Or just another way of making simple hustle free money? Do people really ever make any money out of Sports Betting?! We had over 50 young people for the Arsenal vs. Spurs game on Sunday evening. We hope it will continue to go well.

Of course there are some challenges, especially in regard to sustainability. We need a monthly subscription fee of $100 ~ £60. By faith I paid for the first month, because it allows us access to ALL the Games (premier league, LaLiga, Bundesliga, basketball, champions leagues and others), and Movies (meaning we could do a movie some times- and then discuss the points it makes in our society and culture, but most importantly our lives.

We also hope to use this very platform to discuss issues affecting young people in Karamoja like; Alcohol and Drug abuse, Child trafficking, Early marriages, HIV/AIDS, Unemployment, Gender-based and Domestic Violence, Entrepreneurship ….. Among others.

6. Currently, since last week, I have been asked to take the Morning fellowship through a Series in 2 Corinthians. We are at Chapter 4. Pray that God will continue to enable me and use me to speak his heart and mind in encouraging the Christians here, as Paul did with the Corinthians.

7. In regard to the Land on which the Development Projects which proposed in the PowerPoint (housing apartments and a Workshop and Youth Center), plus office), the Diocese has shown us a piece of land that is available and can be very convenient for our proposals. However, the Diocese didn’t appear to be selling, but would rather avail the land for the Project as a Partnership contribution. Unless we really insist on owning the piece of land as The Minster. But so far I am positive. The land is situated in Moroto town next to the Diocesan premises. It is part of Diocesan property.

You know very well that most likely none of the above developments would have taken place without you dear Love, support, and prayer. Thank you so much, and pray that Lord Blesses you all in everything you do. The Lord shine his face upon you and  be Gracious to you; the Lord watch over you, your families, your health and your jobs, and your relationship, and your dreams, and grant you His peace. AMEN.

We miss the land of stinging nettles, and wonderful people. We can’t wait see you again, hopefully sooner than later. In Uganda/Karamoja or at the Stampwell Farm.

We love you and miss you all so much. Receive greeting from Bishop Joseph and many friends here. Also receive some pictures of the house and the Bukenya in their new home.

In Christ our Lord,